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Dusk Security

A logo, website and internal-use web portal for a budding cybersecurity consulting start-up based in Jammu.

Dusk Security headerfont and colors used


Dusk Security is a cybersecurity firm based in Jammu, India. Then being a recently created start-up, the firm needed a new logo, a landing page and an internal full-stack web application for shipment tracking.

My Roles: Graphic Designer

Timeline: Sep 2022 - Oct 2022

Team Members: Lakhan Nad, Web Development Team @ IEEE Computer Society-VIT

Tools Used: Figma, Adobe Illustrator

My Contribution

This was a project that I led as the Projects Head of IEEE-CS VIT. I was the sole designer working on the logo ideation and design, and the landing page design. I then supervised the development of the landing page and application, and reviewed updates and changes, all while providing feedback, and sourcing the same from our clients.