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Refugee One

A refugee resettlement organization punching way above its weight.

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RefugeeOne is a Chicago-based refugee resettlement organization. A key aspect of RefugeeOne's activities is the process of matching their clients i.e. refugees to relevant job opportunities based on job location, pay, the number of dependents that each client has etc. However, there was no way for the organization member to efficiently sift through all the job listings, which led to a lot of mental overhead and frustration for the organization.

My Roles: Consultant, UX Researcher

Timeline: Aug 2022 - Dec 2022

Tools Used: Figma, Adobe Illustrator

Our Solution

We identified that a more in-depth application of Google Workspace, complete with its automation-friendly scripting and spreadsheet formulas was the ideal way for RefugeeOne to go. Given their limited budget and time constraint, we suggested hiring a Google Apps Script developer for a one-time feature addition to their currently existing database. Our long-term solution consisted of a full-stack dedicated web application for this process, which requires a greater investment of capital and time, along with occasional maintenance overheads.

My Contribution

I was a part of a five-member team tasked with this problem. I was the sole member in the team with significant freelance web and application development experience, and thus I played a big part in the drafting of our eventual solution. I also conducted stakeholder interviews, analysed excerpts and co-created an affinity wall to draw better insights.