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R.E.T.A On-the-Go!

A mobile solution to streamline the 'administrative' part of Healthcare.

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Short for 'Research Effort Tracking Application', RETA On-the-Go was designed and developed from the ground up for Michigan Medicine's team of Clinical Researchers testing new treatments and trials, actively advancing the field of modern medicine. The original RETA was developed only for desktop and had not undergone a refresh for more than a decade, and the Research clinicians desired for a way to log their biweekly effort through their mobile devices. Thus, RETA On-the-Go was born. This project was part of my Mastery Course in User-Centered Agile Development at the University of Michigan, and required us to conduct both user research and subsequent development work over the span of four 2-week agile sprints.

My Roles: Fullstack Developer, UX Researcher, Project Manager, Scrum Master

Timeline: Jan 2024 - Apr 2024

Team Members: Angel Ranjel, Rongxiang (Chris) Rao, Siting Xing, Yihao Shi

Tools Used: React, TailwindCSS, Redux, Denodo Solution Manager, JIRA, Oracle SQL Database

Before and After

RETA Before and After 1
RETA Before and After 2
RETA Before and After 3
RETA Before and After 4

Final Demo